Reshaping your ears


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Reshaping your ears

You can have ear surgery (otoplasty) to correct misshapen, prominent, or "bat" (sticking-out) ears. Children often have this type of operation.

The surgery is usually performed when the cartilage skeleton of the ear is well developed. This happens by the time a person is 6 to 7 years old, but can be earlier.

The operation

Children are given a general anaesthetic for ear surgery. Adults usually have it with local anaesthetic.

We make an incision behind the ear and then use various techniques to reshape or remove excess cartilage and to fix the ear back.

After the operation

You have this operation as a day procedure.

Your ears will have a bulky bandage over them for a week. They are usually a little swollen and bruised when the bandages are removed.

Children need to be off school for 2 weeks and to avoid sport for 1 month.

Most adults are comfortable about appearing in public or getting back to work after 1 week.

You will usually be able to return to normal levels of exercise and activity after 1 month.

The end result

The scar is hidden on the back surface of your ear.

The outcome for you is an improvement in the position of your ears.

We aim to improve the way your ears look. But we can't guarantee that they will be "normal looking" or that there will be perfect symmetry between the two ears.

The cartilage skeleton of the ear retains a "memory" of its previous shape - although the initial result is usually good, some drift back to that shape can occur.

Risk of complications

There is a risk of complications with all surgery. Your specialist will inform you fully at your consultation about any possible complications from ear surgery.

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