Non-Surgical Cosmetic

Camouflage Make-up

We use mineral makeup and concealers with concentrated pigment which can be used effectively:

  • After surgery – to minimise and cover bruising. 
  • For coverage of skin conditions – rosacea, acne, under eye circles, hyper pigmentation, vitiligo.
  • For coverage of tattoos – tattoos are a permanent marking using heavily pigmented colour.  Please note that coverage for tattoos is time consuming and rarely perfect.

The product ranges we stock include Jane Iredale and Color Science.

During your consultation we will determine your normal skin tone and consider the undertone of the area to be concealed.  We can then advise you on appropriate concealers and tools.  We will spend some time with you applying the makeup and give you advice on how to apply the concealing products at home.

You can be advised by one of our trained staff members.

Tester products are available to trial to find the right match.  Products are also available for sale or can be ordered in for you.

We will often apply products to one side first so you can see the difference for yourself.

The concealing results should be immediately visible.  We advise layering and reapplying mineral makeup to achieve the best effect.

The costs of individual products vary but are comparable with higher quality department store products.  

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